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Best youtube channel ideas to make money in Nepal. As the world of the Internet has taken off by a storm today, people search for tons of queries on Google every day regarding the best ways to make some extra bucks online. And in this online earning run, YouTube also happens to be one of the safest and secure ways of earning online in Nepal. So,  

YouTube in Nepal  

best youtube channel ideas to make money

Although we know that we earn income from the ads we run on our videos on our YouTube channel, we might not be familiar with the fact that these ads’ earnings differ depending on the niche of our YouTube channel. In fact, the ad earning of the channel solely depends on its CPM. Oh, what’s with this new term now. Don’t worry, we have explained it to you. 

What is CPM on YouTube? 

There is no rocket science behind understanding this popular, yet basic term. CPM (Cost per mille) simply refers to the measurement in an advertisement. It is also known as cost per thousand (CPT) in other terms. This implies that it is the amount/cost the advertiser pays per thousand views or impressions on your video content.  

The higher the video CPM is, the higher will be the income and vice versa. For instance, if your channel’s niche CPM is $1, you will be earning $1 for 1000 views in your video. 

And entering the world of YouTube, you must be familiar with this crucial term. If you are someone who entered YouTube for passion with less interest in income, then this might not be a  hot topic to look forward to. However, if you are someone who genuinely wants to make money 

on YouTube and looking for a right channel idea to start the YouTube game, do stick with the  article.  

As I already explained the importance of CPM in earning, I will now shed some light on which niches, in particular, hold higher CPM. Not only in the case of Nepal but around the whole globe, these niches are the most profitable ones in general.  

And if you are someone who is planning on opening a new YouTube Channel with a genuine  intention to grab some majestic income, I highly recommend you work under these niches.  

In today’s context, comedy, entertainment, music channels, and news channels sadly fall under the  lower CPM niches. Well, I don’t recommend you start your new venture under these niches if  you are someone who is wholly dependent on YouTube’s ad revenue. Besides, there are tons of  other income earning options on YouTube.  

Leaving that topic aside, here I have listed out best youtube channel ideas to make money / Niches with higher CPMs that could do wonders to your YouTube’s income (particularly Google ad-based). Seemingly, I  can also guarantee you that picking up any of these channel niches can help you increase your income up to 5 times on YouTube compared to other regular channel niches mentioned above.  

Let’s dig in.  

Top 10 best Youtube channel ideas to make money (with high CPMs)

1. Insurance

Average CPM: $17.55 

Channel Example: Dr. Sanjay Tolani 

2. Stock Market

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Average CPM: $12-$15 

Channel Example: CA Rachana Phadke 

3. Make Money Tips/Personal Finance

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Average CPM: $12- $15 

Channel Example: warikoo 

4. Beauty and Makeup

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Average CPM: $9- $12 

Channel Example: Denitslava Makeup 

5. Business and Marketing Tips

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Average CPM: $10-$15 

Channel Example: Dr.Vivek Bindra 

6. Fitness 

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Average CPM: $8-$12 

Channel Example: Athlean-X 

7. Real Estate


Average CPM: $12-$15 

Channel Example: REtipster 

8. Technology (Reviews, Tutorials, News)

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Average CPM: $9-$15 

Channel Example: MKBHD 

9. Trading and Investment

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Average CPM: $10-$17 

Channel Example: Invest Mindset 

10. Gaming 

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Average CPM: $9-$15 

Channel Example: Total Gaming 

Believe me, these are the most profitable niches in YouTube today. I bet you can earn a hefty amount of income through these niches. Also remember that CPC also depends on the channel  traffic coverage of your content, i.e. if your video is watched by a US audience, you will acquire  more income compared to an audience in Nepal.

Aditya Thakuri

Aditya Thakuri

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