Ultimate Guide -1: How to Start a Blog For Free!

Why wait? Start blogging now!

Share your adventures, pictures, ideas, and mind!Take the chance to make a unique blog, for a remarkable voice. Well? What’s your story?

Start a blog for free

Take advantage of the greatest invention in human history – the internet! Tell your story, influence people and give your thoughts the perfect platform.

Make money

By getting the word about your service or product out!
Starting a blog can give you a platform to start earning!

Learning how to write!

When learning how to blog, you can learn how to write!
Hone your skills, share your stories and get better with every new post!

Build your very own brand!

Whatever talent or skill you have, show it to the world, become recognized and put your best foot forward. It’s completely free!

What is a blog?

It’s a place for your thoughts! Build your very own personal memoir, populated by stories from all the good times!

Take the chance

Start a blog for now and learn to code while doing it! Want to be a web devloper? The best way to learn is by means of doing! Start building and tinkering now.

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How to start a blog in 5 steps

1.Choose your niche

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Do you have a business,a hobby or a talent and want to tell a world about it?Pick a subject and start creating!

2.Pick your platform

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When you create a blog, you get two great options for your preferred platform!

3.Pick a perfect name!

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Domain Name

Starting a blog won’t be enough, you’ll need to think about your brand name. A domain is an integral part of this journey!

4.Customize your blog

Both WordPress and the website builder allow you to use templates and themes that will streamline the process of creating a blog

5.Grow, build and explore!

Once you have your domain and web hosting ready, you’re just one step away from reaching the goal.


BONUOS:How to choose a topic to blog about?

There are a few ways you can figure this question out!

The first option is that choosing something that you have a lot of knowledge about .
You can share your thoughts and ideas, expand them and build a community of subscribers.

The second option is to choose something you really want to learn!
That way, when writing or creating other content for your blog, you will be learning about something that you are passionate about!

Lastly, you can take some specific uses for your blog: build a portfolio, a small online business or a similar project.
The sky is the limit when starting your own blog!

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