Introduction To Word Processing

Introduction to Word Processing

Word processing is an application software that helps in the creation of a document.It facilitates the creation of documents through computerized text editing, formating, storing and printing. It allows the user to type text, make corrections without retyping the entire matter and has the features to make the text book ( look)attractive. It can enhance documents in many ways such as user can add image & animation, link different documents together, use of Speller and thesaurus.

Features of Word Processing:

The following are common features of Ms-Word Processor Software are as:

  • Fast Operation : Typing text in a word processor becomes very fast as there is no mechanical carriage movement associated.
  • Editing text deatures:Any type of operations, likewise insert, delete, modify the documents and undo/redo, find/replace can be perfom very easily. These insertion, deletion or correction can be performed at any any time in place of the text.
  • Permanent Storage : By the help of word Processor,files and documents can be saved as long as preferred and Saved Files and documents can be retrieved whenever desired.
  • Graphics: It provides facilities to insert text, objects (picture, graph etc) anywhere in the document whenevernecessary.
  • OLE Object Linking and Embedding): Modern word processors provide facilities to link or embed objects in a document.OLE iS a program-integration technology that can use to Share information between programs through objects.
  • Review the document: word processor not only is capable of checking spelling mistakes but also can suggest possible alternatives for incorrectly spelt words i.e. it provides to Facility of using speller & thesaurus.
  • Mail Merge: It is an option used to merge a list of information with the main document. The main document is created using the Mail Merge Helper dialogue box.
  • Searching: It facilities to search for any word or text & replace or delete with other necessary ones in the entire material of the document very easy.
  • Print design: 1t provides print preview, printing area, no of copies, paper size, before print to view the document exactly as per the convenience or not.

Microsoft Word:

MS- Word is very powerful,advance & useful word- Processing software developed by Microsoft Corporation USA. It has all Kinds of word processing facilities like to create, edit, format, save & print document to check spellings & grammatical errors, to search for Synonyms & antonyms, to work with newspaper columns, tables, to add footnotes & endonotes, page number, special symbol bookmarks, comments, to insert the picture, objects, table of contents & index. Nowadays Ms word is considered as the best word-processing software. Thus, the application software or program that helps us in processing the text is colled a word Processing Software or word Processor.

Define the use of following:

  • Speller : The way of write or say the letters forming a word in correct order.
  • Thesaurus : The way of using the research feature, that to look up synonyms (Different words with the Same meanings) and antonyms (words with the opposite meaning) in the thesaurus.
  • Word Count:The way of counting the words or space taken in / by the letters.
  • Header / Footers : Headers & footers are area in the top, bottom & Side margins of each page in a document.
  • Document formatting:It is a program which helps to look any document more attractive by changing font,colour, Size, design, layout.

Conclusion :

At the end of my study I found that Ms-word is an important processing software having all Kinds of facilities, like create, edit etc.

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