Secret Techniques To Improve Optimized WordPress

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Apply 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Optimized WordPress

There are too many factors involving server slowdowns and figuring out the initial problems should be on the administrator To-Do list for Optimized WordPress. A newbie would find it difficult to identify the culprit and tackle it because beginners lack information & in-depth knowledge in this area. As a professional team, I am going to lay down the number of factors that involves website slowdowns.

1. Web Hosting for Optimized WordPress

The combination of software & hardware determines website loading speed. The main factor begins with the web hosting server, which covers the hardware part and choosing the right one comes first. In many cases, new customers fall prey to the offers without learning about the downside or reason to provide it in the first place.

Always choose the right web hosting package for the project.

I would never go for a hosting provider without reading customers reviews.

I recommend the beginners to contact the customer care for further information.

A site hosting provider must have dedicated 24/7 customer care support team.

Fortunately, YouStable provides SSD Storage shared hosting to the new customer for $2.49 or Rs.179 per month. The entry-level package offers decent specifications for Blogs, Small business sites, and online shopping site. Of course, we got upgradable packages such as VPS, Managed hosting, WordPress Hosting, and more.

2. Theme or Template

Millions of WP sites suffer from sluggish themes and it cost them decline in loading speed. The developers do not spend quality of time to optimize the theme and it ends up slowing the site. Optimized WordPress sites do not have larger file size such as JavaScript, CSS, Images, Scripts, and more.

I spend a lot of time reading ”CUSTOMERS” reviews because you can get plenty of insight from it. You don’t want to make mistakes when choosing the right optimized WordPress theme. YouStable has a dedicated designing team for customers, where our creative team designs WP Sites as well.

3. Add-ons

Fancy plugins started to make their way to the ladder over the years. The ideology of solid maintenance is no longer followed by the site administrator and they end up creating trouble for hosting server. Our professional team suggests the administrators get rid of the number of add-ons that slows down the site. We cannot name a number of add-ons in this case because there are too many of them in the market.

4. Media Files

The world Upload billions of media files every single day and site is no exception. If your page, post or entire website filled with images & videos, then you should begin optimizing them. Images & videos file size starts from 1 MB and it isn’t a good idea for visitors to wait till it loads 1 MB. According to our research, a website/page size should not more than 200 KB because the masses are not blessed with a high-speed internet connection.

I have written a separate article on optimize & speed up a WordPress site, so go and check out for further information.

5. Use Content Delivery Network

CDN is a popular term among professionals and experts in the Digital Marketing industry.

CDN is a separate server connected to the site and it saves website files in the nearest location of the visitor. The hosting server responds differently in several countries, so the loading speed + time doesn’t match in another country. CDN detects the location (country or state) of the visitor and saves the site files nearest to the visitor’s region.

CDN providers have servers across the globe and that’s their ability. The Content Delivery Network providers have the infrastructure and technology to save static site data in any given location across the globe.

Suggestions: StackPath | CloudFlare (it doesn’t support mobile browsers) | CacheFly

Bottom Line

In 2020, catchphrases like Fast, Speed, Blazing speed, Lighting speed, etc stands on the top trending lists. The mentioned terms are trending because the consumers, customers, and clients are demanding for it.

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