The Most Important Life Lesson From The Founder of Alibaba _ Jack Ma

I had a lot of fail. I fail for funny things. I failed a key primary school test for two times. And I failed three times for the middle schools. For three years I tried and fail the universities. So I applied jobs for 30 times, got rejected. I went for Police, they said, “No, you’re not good.” I went for even the KFC. When KFC come to China, come to my state, 24 people went for the job, 23 people accepted. I was the only guy. And we went for Police, five people, four of them accepted. I was the only guy that did not receive it. So for me being turned down, rejected Oh by the way, I told you that I applied for Harvard, for 10 times rejected. I know they’re rejecting me. They’re sorry now. I think we have to get used to it. We’re not that good. Even today we still have a lot of people rejected. I don’t think in this world a lot of people been rejected more than 30 times. If we, you know the only thing we never give up, the only thing we’re like Forrest Gump, we keep on fighting. We keep on changing our self. We don’t complain. Whether you are successful or not successful, I find that when people, when they finish the job, if they make a mistake and they fail, if they always compete with the others, this guy will never come back. If the guy only check himself, “Yeah something wrong with me here something wrong with me there.” This guy has hope.

-Jack Ma

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