How To Send HTML Format Email in PHP

How to send HTML format email in PHP Welcome to Nepali Medium! In this article I will show you how to send HTML format email using PHP, generally PHP send plain text email it’s can’t send any formatting or graphics by default so, send the email with HTML it’s the best way to send formatting …

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Next, we will set up Git on your computer. Follow the instructions for your operating system. This portion of the guide assumes you have already installed a program called Git on Windows. If you have not installed Git Bash, please refer to the previous tutorial on How To install Git. Setup and follow the instructions …

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How to create stripe account in unsupported countries?

How To Use Stripe in Unsupported Countries Step By Step Ultimate Guide [2020]

Today I am going to describe how I have verified Stripe from Nepal using virtual bank details of the USA for receiving payments from Stripe. Today I will describe step-wise how I managed to get payments in U.S. dollars using stripe through Virtual bank details(Payoneer/Transferwise).First of all, I would like to describe how to obtain …

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national payment gateway in nepal

NATIONAL PAYMENT GATEWAY IN NEPAL [2020]: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide Final !

National Payment Gateway in Nepal Payment Gateway Payment gateway is a third-party between merchants and customers that securely take the money from customers and send it to merchant’s’ bank account. Payment gateways are an important infrastructure for online payments. Various online e-commerce sites are now doing business in the market. Banks are working in different …

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