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WordPress is a widely-used content management system option in the world today. WP offers flexibility to create, edit and remove functions making the WP one of the most likeable CMS in the industry. Speedup wordpress site performance depends on the content present Library, Site files, Design, and third-party plugins. Unfortunately, a newbie blames the content management system for failure to produce greater loading speed.

We are going to eliminate the myth by offering a few ways to increase the loading speed. Understand the web hosting capacity and then put the plan at the action.

1. Web Hosting Package

The first stop is the web hosting package.


Hosting consists of physical processors, RAM, and Internet speed.

The components of servers decide the real strength of the website loading speed. Of course, if you have made minor mistakes, then a power hosting has nothing to do with it.

Make sure you are not running a heavy website on shared web hosting. Contact YouStable customer care support team to find the ideal package for the project.

2. PageSpeed Insights

Google presented the world several free tools to understand the projects without paying a single penny. PageSpeed Insights is a free tool designed by the official developers of Google. PageSpeed tool enables the users to figure out the accurate loading speed time and algorithm suggests a few fixes as well.

3. Compress Images

Millions of websites suffer from image optimization, and no one has the knowledge that images consume server resources. From CPU to RAM has to put a lot of work to load the heavy file size images from the server folders. You must have seen that major blogs do not have images in the articles because images consume a lot of resources. Check out WordPress library for several free solutions, where the tools automatically compress the images.

Our suggestions: reSmush |

4. Cache Website

A beginner does not realize caching the website enhances the loading speed and performance. A static cached website files load faster than dynamic database queries. Caching the website ease up the web hosting server resources such as CPU usage frees RAM, and reserves resources for I/O operations. Search Engine does not mind HTML caching or WordPress plugin caching, and it improves ranking instead. A faster loading page is much more important to Google, so it does add more value.

Note: You can enable the Caching tools in one click.

Our suggestions: W3 Total Cache | WP Super Cache

Bottom Line

A unique site loading speed can occur to anyone, and in such cases, we recommend the customers to approach support team. Kathmandu Host is offering 24/7 customer support services in English language and native language Nepali.

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